Jim's 3-Day Freedom with Flipping Summit & Bus Tour

There were many “turning points” in my life, but perhaps the most notable was when I attended my first real estate seminar that showed me how to make tens of thousands of dollars on houses that I didn’t own…and without my own money or credit!

It Was an Event Like This ONE that Turned My Life Around

Why? Because it’s when the business finally made sense to me! You see, for years I’d wanted to be one of those people who “did real estate”…whatever that meant! But when I attended that event, much like this 3-day bootcamp I’m hosting soon, my life turned around forever!

Here’s What You’ll Experience with Me at my 3-Day Bootcamp and Bus Tour

First of all, you’ll get to rub shoulders with other people along the same journey as you.

Everyone knows how valuable this is. But more importantly, you’ll spend 3 days with ME, in the trenches, going from start to finish on the entire process of buying, rehabbing, and selling houses for $30,000 profit each.

Click HERE to Learn More About this Life Changing Event on Sept 1st-3rd!


How To Add 50 Cash Buyers Per Week to Your Buyers List

It doesn’t matter how many motivated sellers you find if you can’t sell the deals once you get them! I can remember struggling to find cash buyers, but then I discovered these simple strategies to find all the investor-buyers I could ever want to buy my wholesale deals!
If you’re tired of expiring contracts, struggling to find cash buyers, then do yourself a favor and get your hands on this simple system. 

Jim's Wholesaling Forms & Agreements with Line-by-Line Training

I've wholesaled dozens and dozens of houses, and I've used these basic forms and agreements to make anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000 on wholesale deals!

Without the RIGHT forms and agreements to go along with your wholesaling business, you'll 1) not do deals, or 2) do them wrong (illegally!)...and possibly wind up in a heap of trouble.

I don't want that to happen to you, so here's what you get:

  • Complete set of easy-to-use docs to tie-up a deal with a seller
  • My line-by-line training video on how to fill out those docs
  • The agreement you'll use to sell the deal to your buyer
  • My MAGIC agreement that'll keep you from having to pay double transfer taxes!
  • My in-depth training "4 Ways to Wholesale MLS Deals"

Wholesaling houses is probably the easiest & fastest money in real estate. But…If you don’t do it the right way, its only a matter of time before you lose a deal, lose money, or wind up accidentally breaking the law… All Because You Didn’t Have The Right Contracts!

Click here to use my forms and agreements to do your wholesale deals quickly, easily, and legally...and make a TON of money doing it! 

Jim's Complete Guide to Doing JV Wholesale Deals 

You’re probably thinking that wholesaling is the easiest money in real estate investing, right? As you know, wholesaling comes down to two parts: a good deal and the buyer. But what if you only have “half” of a wholesale deal…i.e. a buyer OR a good deal?
Unfortunately, most wholesalers who attempt to do co-wholesale deals flat-out SUCK at it! Why? Well, it usually comes down to a breakdown in communication, not having the right forms and agreements, or flat-out dishonesty.
Seriously, this video training will enable you to do co-wholesale deals like a pro, even if you’re just starting out in this business.

Jim's Rehab Fast Track Webinar Series 

I’m thankful to say that my wife and I flipping a TON of houses, and I’m creating a training where I’m going to dive DEEP into how we do it. This training series will serve as the backbone to a training system that will sell for $1,997, but because I want to record the LIVE online training with interaction, I’m making this training series available for just a limited time and for a price too low to mention here.

Here’s Some of What You’ll Experience on these Trainings:

  • Working with wholesalers
  • Estimating repairs
  • Calculating offers
  • Finding contractors
  • Raising private money
  • Designing the rehab
  • What’s worth fixing and what is not
  • How to market your house to sell quickly
  • Buyers inspections – what to do and what to not do
  • Getting paid from your deals
  • Managing your deal pipeline
  • Scaling your business
  • And much much more!

Jim's Launch Training for New Investors

Starting from Scratch?  This 6 video series will help you go from a complete beginner to know how to:
  • Find motivated sellers,
  • Where to find cash buyers
  • How to Negotiate with Sellers for Maximum Profit
  • How to Quickly Raise Private Money 
  • The best way to determine how much a house will seller for WITHOUT MLS/Trend Access
  • And where to find the best deals - Vacant Houses

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